The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.
The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.
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The modified Shield of Arms of the
Ancient Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England. Euxton dot com (TM) an ancient village.

The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.
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We thank the LORD for the MIRACLE.

Miracles Still Occur!
  This is a prayer of Thanks.

We have been up and down, mostly down, Barbara sunk very low a number of times and many people have continued to pray.

The Cancer Tumour was, untreatable in any respect. We resolved to accept the situation and hope for at least some good days together, and we were able to walk to a degree, on gentle forest walks.

Some two months ago, just before her birthday, 23 April, St George’s Day, 2001, she was about to fade away; her body weight had all but disappeared. Morphine had failed to kill the pain and we resorted, with reluctance to Methadone.

The Methadone assisted her to a degree and with the aid of a "frame", she was able to struggle around the house, bed to bathroom at the best. At the time little did we know that her pelvis was being attacked and broken by Cancer. All the pain-killers, of course, caused their own bodily discomfort and side-effects, which caused us more and more continual distress.

Barbara’s face many times had the look of "death", at times I could not look at her body without horror at the wasting that was occurring.  The numerous and continuos prayers of Christians appeared to not be heard.
But who knows (fully) the mind of the Lord.

We had heard in the August of 2000, that a new drug was coming available, the cancer clinic was never able to get it beyond being "two months away".

It was in early April, this year (2001), I rang her local GP, and said if we do nothing now, it will be too late, "in three weeks, she would be gone (all be it to a far better place). It had been very hard, initially, to convince the local GP to treat Barbara for recovery, rather than for dying and at best palliative care.

I was expecting a MIRACLE!

Within two weeks of my phone call to the GP, we made a rather very difficult 3 day drive, 750 km on country roads, to Adelaide, South Australia, to a private cancer clinic. At the clinic they offered Barbara a "trial drug" that was being tested or trialed on about 80 people with tumours similar to Barbara’s.

Whilst at the clinic they showed us some of Barbara’s CT scan’s that we had been carrying in the car for about a month. The scans showed that the single very large tumour was now not alone, but had spread to the liver, where now some dozen or more large tumours had appeared, along with the Cancer in the pelvic structure.

Before we were allowed the "trial drug" we had to sign a disclaimer, in case of side effects. The specialist doctor gave us a list of potential side effects (four pages of it) . The potential side effects, given Barbara’s very weak state were more frightening than the tumour itself, and we resolved to go back the day after the initial appointment to say "Thanks, but no".

On our return to the clinic, St George’s Day, and whilst sitting in the waiting area, we noticed an article from the local newspaper (10 April 2001) about a fairly fit young man who had just been treated successfully with the drug.

After more discussion with the Doctor, who called the drug a "magic pill" and having then agreed what we would try the new drug, only back in Melbourne.

As it is a trial, a computer was to make a random decision as to  Barbara receiving the 400 mg or 800 mg dose. The PC tossed its "silicon coin" and Barbara was allocated the smaller dose of 400 mg per day (thankfully).

Naturally Barbara was much weaker now and it was a choice of taking the drug whilst in a motel room in Adelaide, or the risk of waiting until we were back in Melbourne, on safer ground (if there is any safe ground outside of "The Christ").

We chose to start for Melbourne and did the 750 kilometres on "country roads" with just one overnight stay.  We arrived home on the Friday took the first pills, two 100 mg for the night, then two in the morning and so on.

By the Sunday night very significant side effects had set in and I took Barbara to the emergency at the nearest hospital. By late evening she was transferred some 40km to the cancer clinic in Melbourne. By this time being at very low body weight Barbara probably lost another 4 or 5 kg of body fluids and weight. This being massive for a person of "normally" only about ~51 kg.

Some how Barbara stabilised, and after almost a week in hospital she was sent home as we slowly started the "trial drug" again.

If the PC had tossed it’s silicon coin" the other way, Barbara would have been on the higher dose, suffered even more side effects, and now be with the Good Lord, which according to the Apostle Paul, " is a far better thing".

After now some 7 weeks on the "trial drug", scans now reveal that the tumours in Barbara’s body are shrinking, currently at 25% reduction, and that Barbara’s blood count and etc, is now normal.

Barbara is currently eating very well, first time in 15 months and is gaining "real" weight (not tumour and fluids) at about 1.5 kg per week.

We thank the LORD JESUS for the MIRACLE.

After a wonderful recovery from the primary cancer,
and a number of very comfortable years of recovery,
Barbara later suffered multiple complications
as a result of the cancer, and passed away in July 2006.

Barbara is now safely with the lord,
having faithfully trusting that Christ Jesus died on the cross,
for the forgiveness of her sins.


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The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.

The modified Shield of Arms of the
Ancient Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England. Euxton dot com (TM) an ancient village.

The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.
Euxton dot com

The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.

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