The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.
The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.
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The modified Shield of Arms of the
Ancient Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England. Euxton dot com (TM) an ancient village.

The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.
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Dear Al,
Thanks for taking time to respond to my original e-mail. In the interim I have been a busy bee;
Further to my original post, the 1881 census shows Thomas Swarbrick, wife Margaret and six children (aged 3 to 18 yrs) residing at 1 Armitriding Lane, Euxton. Farmer Swarbrick had 62 acres and even employed a farm servant by the name of James Pilkington (23 yrs)!
I am quite convinced that these are the Swarbricks for which I have been searching. My great Grandfather was one Henry Swarbrick, who is shown as the eldest son (18yrs) at the above address. I need to confirm further details with my mother.
I am absolutely amazed that I have managed to find later occupants (i.e. YOU!) of the same area (if not house, hall or farm) on the internet. I admit it is only a tenuous link, but a link none-the-less.
My workmate has a copy of the 1881 census on 30 odd CDs. If you want to find out about the Heffrons in those days, drop me a line, giving as much detail as possible. The census contains the following details; Surname, first and subsequent names, marital status, age at time, sex,
birthplace, address, relationship with the household, occupation. The search engine will work on surname, place of birth, address (county, parish, street etc). It is a bit limited, but if you know several components it helps tremendously. It is v helpful to have even a vague address!
PS: The current spelling of Armetriding is Armetridine. This makes about five different spellings for the same place over 120 years.
Tony Houlihan
Windermere Westmorland England
8 June 01

Original Euxton Photographs

Original photographs of Euxton village and village activities for use on this site.  Mail them to us and we will return them after scanning, or email them to us.
Source will be posted were required.

Dear Alf,
Just found your site whilst brousing the net (guess I'm still home sick for Lancashire). Your salvation message at was so lovely, made me feel homesick for Heaven, not just Lancs.  Keep up the good work, Euxton Village must be blessed to have such a web site.
Cpl E Donaldson,
Inf. Regt.
Some where in Bosnia.

I'm from Leyland originally but live in USA now. I played football for Euxton back in late 70's early 80's on the field on the road to Jerry's.
Can't recall the name. Maybe you came and watched us some time. I dated a girl called Susan Aspinall and her family had been in Euxton for years. They all lived at the Leyland end of town. I often caught the 109 to Euxton to spend Saturday at the Bay Horse.
Well, just wanted to say hello.
Mick Jones

Dear Euxton Village.
Was supplied this site by Al Heffron. I used to live in Leyland but played football for Euxton FC back in the mid to late 70's. We used to be based in the Bay Horse and played on various fields but mainly on the field which used to be in the estate opposite what was then the Post Office. Is there any way of posting anything in the hope of getting replies from anyone who may remember me?
Michael (Mick) Jones
13 June, 2001

So nice of you to reply AND to send the web link. I have spent most of this evening just looking at it and recalling some equally fond memories (although my time was a little later than yours :-)
The link to the Football Club (Euxton Villa) was particularly interesting as there were a few names there of people I played with. I dropped them a line and hope to find some old friends that way. So thank you for that.
I even learned some things about Euxton history that I never knew. We often used to take the dog for a walk across the fields (careful to keep her on a leash!)
One interesting note I read.. you "looking from your window on St. Mary’s Gate while studying". Coincidence or not.... my girlfriend, Susan Aspinall (Joe & Kathleen were her Mum & Dad) lived at 14 St. Mary's Gate!!!
Hope this note finds you in good health.
Take care

Dear Sir/Madam
Company Name: Harvey World Travel Albany Creek, Qld, Australia.
TelePhone: 07 3264 6222
I have clients who are interested in staying in Euxton for 2 nights 17-19July2001. Do you have ANY accommodation available for these nights? If so, could you please advise if we should book through you or do we contact them direct? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Kindest Regards
Laurice Burke - Manager

Dear Euxton Village,
I have an ariel photo of Euxton, 3000 feet, Runshaw lane from m6 to a49 and the same wide. The file is 1.5m jpeg. Do you want it for your site, or do you just want it?
Regards Dave Duffy
5 August, 01

I have recently moved into to an old house in Euxton and am interested to know a little about it's history. I understand it was once part of the Euxton Hall Estate. Are you able to help here?
Look forward to hearing from you,
Will Stead
30 August, 01

Hello Al.
Very interested in buying 50Kg of this years fresh hazelnuts straight from the trees. This can be put in a box & couriered to me in Ireland I’ll pick up all costs. leaves & all Can you get me in touch with some
farmer in your area please.
Many thanks.
John Walsh.
Climbers Inn. Glencar. Killarney. Co. Kerry. Ireland.
00-353-66-97-60101 Tel;
00-353-66-97-60104 Fax;

Hi Al,
We have moved into a house known locally as 'Maryland Cottage' on Wigan road (between the junctions with Dawbers Lane and Balshaw Lane)which appears to be on the map you linked me to. As much as anything else, we are interested to know roughly when it was built. Fully understand if you can't help us whilst your out and about, but if you know any URL's that may be of use...
Best wishes,
2 September 01

Dear ....
Which is best way of reaching Euxton if travelling by air?
Stella Rhodes
24 October, 2001

Dear ....
Please could you let me know if there are any brownie packs in Euxton.
Karen Dixon
6 November, 2001

Dear ....
I would just like to thank you for adding a link to my stud on your web site, quite a surprise while I was surfing!!
Thanks again,
Helen and all the ponies!!
Helen Tattersall
Runshaw Stud
Telephone: 01257 453405
15 December, 2001

The above are a few of the messages received at
Email addresses are removed unless folk are requesting follow up contact:  
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The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.

The Modified Shield of the Ancient Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England. Euxton dot com (TM) an ancient village.

The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.
Euxton dot com

The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.

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