The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.
The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.
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The modified Shield of Arms of the
Ancient Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England. Euxton dot com (TM) an ancient village.

The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.
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Hi (8 October 2009).  

I am the chair of Euxton Pre-school Playgroup, and was wondering if we could put a link to our website

on your website?  We are a registered charity and I have attached our logo - is that helpful?
Euxton Pre-school Playgroup is an Ofsted approved sessional pre-school and playgroup for children between the ages 2 and 5 years old.
The website is   I look forward to hearing from you.
 Thanks Jeni Hann (Euxton Pre-school Playgroup

Hi Al,  (11 October 2009).

That looks brilliant, thanks!!  Sorry to be a pain, but if you get a chance,

please could you add our e-mail address too which is
Thanks ever so much!  We have a link our website to your site too!
Thanks, Jeni. (Euxton Pre-school Playgroup

Dear Sirs (1st October 2009).

I am seeking information about Col. Sir Stanley Bell.
I note with interest that at one time he was owner (1950) of Euxton Hall.
I am trying to find a photograph of Col. Sir Stanley Bell or any additional information about him.
Logic dictates that the man is no longer on this earth, but would it be possible to reach a relative?
Would you know of or have any historical information associated with the man and his family?
Any anecdotal information would be very welcome.
Is it possible that the older residents of your community may remember such a personage?
You see, I came into possession of a Rolls-Royce motor car that belonged to him some many years ago, while he owned Euxton Hall.  According to microfiche of Roll-Royce depot information, obtained through the Rolls-Royce Owners Club here in the U.S.A., Col. Sir Stanley Bell took delivery of a brand new Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud in June of 1957, serial number SED69.
That would fall within the time frame of his ownership of Euxton Hall.
Ultimately I'm trying to find the history of the car, where it was operated, photos and stories of Sir Stanley Bell with the car in the 50's or 60's.
The name in the RR registry may be that of Col. Bell, but I don't know anywhere else to start.
Any assistance would be gratefully received.
Thank you, Rich Fewkes 4515S 1600W Roy, Utah 84067
Reply e-mail:

Dear Mr. Heffron (24 July 2009).

I have an apple recipe site and I have been trying to find
an authentic recipe for apple crumble that I can share with my visitors.  I would love to use your recipes
for apple crumble and the topping on my site.  I would be more than happy to acknowledge where I
received the recipes.  If you could give me permission to reprint these recipes, I would be very grateful.
Please let me know when you can.  I'll await your answer.
Sincerely,  Penny Finn


Hi,  from Ron Swift of Armitriding Cottage. (30 June 2008).

I remember Miss White, she was a lovely old lady, she lived next door to Wilf Heffron and his wife. Wilf suffered from shell shock from the war and was bad with his nerves.

I lived at Armitriding Cottage and collected water from the spring, used to play in the Mill and go under the tunnel  that took the mill race to the river.  In the mill yard were some scrap lorries which I use to pretend to drive.

The cottage was always warm friendly and cosy, there were never any suspicion of Ghosts, or things to be fearful of during the 26 years I lived there. The meat room refered to was a wash house were we washed cloths, churned milk and butcherd the occasional pig.

A little verse I wrote may remind you of the spring,

A Frosty Morning

I wake up shivering to a frosty morning,
Ice making patterns on the window pane,
The breath pours out like clouds of mist,
As I wash my face, a cold sharp shock.

The first task of the day, drinking water to get,
Standing in the corner, enamel buckets gleaming white,
Jacket on, cap pulled down and scarf coiled tight,
I reach out and grasp a handle in each gloved hand.

Walking down the lane, my clogs sliding on ice,
All the fields and hedgerows glisten, frosted white,
Nobody about, it is so quiet, not a sound to be heard,
Only the click, click of the clog irons on the stones.

Pausing at the old narrow bridge across the river,
With dark swirling water rushing fast and deep below,
Look at the missing planks, I must be careful not to slip,
Peering down, my limbs tremble at the thought.

Then it's up the hill, buckets swinging, to the frozen spring,
The fresh clear water pouring from the rocky ledge,
Icicles hanging in sparkling chains glinting in the morning sun,
Sucking a small piece of ice, place the buckets and let them fill.

Arms aching, shoulders straining, the journey back is very hard,
The water splashes on my legs, like icy needles, it's so cold,
Once back home, I sit and toast in front of a nice warm fire,
Mother makes a steaming sweet cup of tea and smiles at me.

Home at Night

My day's chores all done, time to sit and rest,
Pigs fed, eggs collected, and the cow milked,
Churn away, pat the butter all tidy and neat,
Arm aching, back sore, glad to be off my feet.

Sit in comfy chair, all soft and warm,
Mum pokes the fire, the oven red hot,
My sisters at the piano singing so sweet,
As the oil lights flicker casting shadows about.

The iron kettle softly hisses, as it stands on the hob,
The sweet smell of cloth covered dough left to rise,
Hot baking bread knocked steaming, out of the tin,
Mouth waters in anticipation, jam, bread and cakes.

After supper making a rug, we all sit round,
Sacking marked out in pattern ever so fine,
Mum and I cut the old clothes into strips,
While dad and sisters pack them in tight.

Tired and sleepy I go to bed for the night,
Tucked in by mum and fussed around,
A comfortable feeling of love is about,
What a warm way to see the day out.

I was born in the stone cottage built in the 1600's, which had no running water, gas or electricity. It was in the mid 60's when I was 16 years old that these services were installed.

My parents were in their late forties when I was born and their way of life had never changed for several decades.

My father spoke in pure Lancashire dialect and when my wife first met him I had to act as translator.

Ron Swift

Hi everybody (Wednesday, August 15, 2007)
My name is Kenny MacLean, at present living in Dundee, Scotland.  Born in Liverpool in 1943, I can remember spending much of my childhood summer holidays with my grandmother, Grace Cooper and mother
Gertrude MacLean (nee Cooper)in Mrs White's cottage, who I believe was a relative on my grandmother's side.

The cottage garden was a huge orchard, and I can remember crossing the rickety bridge to fill the water buckets
from the spring in Back Lane. Played with a boy called Ronnie Swift occasionally, who lived in the cottages which are just on the other side of the motorway now, further down Mill Lane.

Re-visited the area in March after being abroad for many years, but alas, no cottages, no mill remains,
but a beautiful new house aptly named The Bobbin Mill replacing all my memories. If anyone remembers me, I would love to hear from you, and can anyone say when the cottages and mill were demolished ?

Kenny Maclean.
Here above is a picture of the mill in 1973, here below a picture of the modified mill in 2006

Here above is a picture of the mill in 1973,
here below a picture of the modified mill in 2006,
Al Heffron, Editor,

Here above is a picture of the mill in 1973, here below a picture of the modified mill in 2006
Dear Al, (Tuesday, August 14, 2007)
Read yr "My Euxton" today and must tell you that as a child I was a regular visitor to Mrs White with my mother, Gertrude MacLean, daughter of Grace Cooper, who was related to Mrs White. 

I also collected water from the spring, remember the rickety bridge (from which I "fished").  The
cottage garden was a massive orchard where I spent many days in summer. My mother was clairvoyant, although she refused to believe it, and I can remember playing with a lad my own age (1950's) named Ronnie, I think who lived in the cottages just the other side of the now motorway.

No photos, unfortunately, but lots of memories still with me.  Like you, I adored the area.  Would love to hear from you, will reply with a long letter!   Cheers,
Kenny Maclean.
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Hi There,
I am a local business based in Euxton. Selling swim wear to women of all sizes. Our site is
I would very much appreciate a link to our online swimwear store. We have a leaflet in the local Euxton post office, but as far as other marketing goes we are just beginning. We have been concentrating on
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I have prepared a gif. and attached it for your consideration,

I have also attached our logo that you may use for the link.
 I am a local business based in Euxton. Selling swim wear to women of all sizes.
Let me know your thoughts. Best Regards & Thanks

Ms Alexandra Beaumont, General Manager
The Creative Internet Company Ltd
Tel: 0800 970 5595
Mob: 07732 865441
Fax: 01257 241669


Hi, (Monday 25 June 2007)

My name is Sharleen Swift.  I lived at new house fold on Mill Lane; off Dawbers lane were my mum and dad still live now.  It is interesting reading the article about the pub being haunted. 

I really am interested to know any history you have on our house, otherwise known as Armetriding Cottages.  There is lots of strange goings on at my mum’s house, more than mini bumps in night.   My mum dad got used to it, I never could my bedroom was mega scary, my sister’s bedroom was once a meat locker going back 110 years, it still icy now.

Many people have passed on in that house, one being a bishop.  My dad’s family has been there for over 80 years, so any information on what our house used to be would be intriguing to know.The house has it been around for about 3 to 4 hundred years.

   (Armetriding Cottages 1962 Armetriding Cottages, photographed 1962 Photo by Euxton Editor).

I also dug up a very old cigarette holder, what a really posh Victorian lady would have made in silver, also clay pipes, coins, roman, pottery layers of it, a filled in dam, medals and all sorts.  I know that Oliver Cromwell walked his troops past or something like that any way.

Please send us any info you can to answer some of the questions.
Yours faithfully   Miss S Swift 


Hello,  (Friday, May 04, 2007)

Is it possible to have a link to our website on yours? 
We have just reopened The railway Tavern, now called the Railway Public House and Dining Room,
in Euxton. our details are as follows
The Railway public house and dining room
Wigan Road


Hello there:  (
Friday, March 09, 2007)

Maybe you would like to link to the St Mary's website at

                                St Mary's RC Church Euxton. Currently a Grade II Listed Building, opened in 1865 by the Bishop of Liverpool. Orthodox RC
The site contains historical information including Parish Register transcripts - the transcribing is ongoing to enable us to include all Baptisms from 1740.
Tom Parker


Hi,    (4 January 2007)  

I'm looking for Michelle Smith,My Mum (Audrey) has lost the address of a friend of hers.  The friend lives in Euxton and is called Michelle Smith.  Michelle sent my Mum (Audrey) a Christmas card this year but omitted to include her address.  Any chance you could advise on how to track her down via your site?
Many thanks, 
Ruth Melton,  Harrogate, North Yorks.

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Hello, From:     Barbara Parr ( Kerfoot)         4 October 2006
I am researching my family history and wondered if anyone had information  on the Kerfoot family.
Mr. great,great,grandparents were John Slater Kerfoot and wife Ellen. 
Together with their family they lived in Pincock Street Euxton from 1841 - 1861(according to the censuses)
He was a master tailor and died at Pincock St in 1862. He was buried 13th March 1862 at Euxton Parish Church but although I have visited the churchyard, I can not find his gravestone.
One of his daughters, Hannah died age 9 and was buried by papist at Euxton Parish Church. Again I can find no gravestone. Their other children were Elizabeth c 1832, Margaret c 1833, Joseph 1844, Benjamin 1847, and another Hannah 1850  If anyone can help me with further information, I would be 'over the  moon'
 Regards     Barbara Parr ( Kerfoot)

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Dear Euxton Editor, (
Thursday, October 26, 2006)
For those with genealogical interests in Euxton there is the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk project which is run by volunteers to make available information about the church, its records and other genealogical information
of interest.
It just so happens that I am the OPC for Euxton and would like to obtain this book:
WALSH, Horace The history of the Parish Church, churchyard, vicarages and schools of Euxton, 1993
I cannot find a used copy for sale anywhere, and as I live in Canada, I am unable to borrow one from the library.  Any sources you know there?

From: Gilbert Iddon    29 September 2006
Good site, but can you solve a puzzler for me? I was born in Euxton in 1934 and lived there for 23 years.  This is regarding the stream that runs between the tunnel under the railway and then flows under the A49 (Wigan Rd) at the dip in the road below the Parish Church.

On recent maps the stream is recorded as Church Brook or sometimes as Parish Brook.  In my time with our gang playing (and courting) in the fields around the stream it was always known as BOTH BROOK (to rhyme with BROTH).   I have lost touch with my mates but I wonder if any oldies on line can remember the old name and why the change.  If anyone recognizes my name it would be nice to exchange a few memories especially about the courting bit.
Gilbert    29 September 2006

Hello Al,
From:  John McPartlin (a little Scots kid of the late 1950's)  9 Sept 2006

Delighted to find this site. I lived in Euxton from mid 1958 to Oct 1959, having moved there at the age of 6 from Edinburgh on the death of my father. My mother was housekeeper to Dean Skehan at St Mary's Catholic Church and I have such happy memories of my 18 months in the idyllic setting of the village.

Long walks down Bank Lane with the Dean's red setter, Bruce. Excursions across the brook into the rhododendron bushes what we knew as Old Joe's Land - belonging to Joe Beardsworth. Sneaking under the fences at the ROF and nicking old detonator caps or roaming about the derelict army camp and finding spent shells! What with that and lying by the side of the railway track as the steam hauled expressed roared past, it's a wonder any of us survived.

I can remember the green AFS fire engines at the ROF and the exposed chassis of lorries from Leyland Motors being test driven along the Wigan Rd. I went to St Mary's School, where Tom Wallbank was a kindly headteacher, and still remember some of the friends from my class - David Moss, Raymond Millar, Leslie Reid, Frances Wallbank, Mary Taylor, Peter and David Barlow - and I had a particular mate who lived in the house directly in front of the churches club on Wigan Rd, called David Oldcroft. 

There was a Mass at Euxton Hall once a week for a time, in the chapel there, and I remember Lord and Lady Bell greeting the Dean at the door of the Hall. The chapel entrance was through a kind of conservatory and I remember once filching a peach from one of the plants and it burning a hole in my pocket till I could get it home and hide it!

I went back to Euxton a few years ago and though there have been a lot of changes in nearly 50 years, a lot remains the same. Just before we left, the M6 cut through the lovely countryside at the end of Bank Lane and I wanted to retrace my old steps to see how it had changed but sadly it was during the foot and mouth crisis and notices banned anyone from walking down Bank Lane - a pity.

I remember the Tickles at the Post Office and a lovely guy called John Duffy who stayed in Club Street I think it was. People were very kind to that somewhat bemused little Scots kid at a difficult time in my life and I will always remember my time in Euxton with thanks and gratitude.

Happy times - and I'd love to hear from anyone who might remember me from those days
John McPartlin
  9 September 2006
------------        ----------------     ------------   
Hi Al
Good to hear from an ex-Euxtonian! Both the above-mentioned pubs used to be my pubs. Sadly, the Blue Anchor has recently been pulled down, but the Farmers' (at Eccleston) continues to forge ahead offering not only meals but B&B accommodation these days. They even have their own Website!
I'll be back there in March: first time in over three years. I well remember Euxton Village
Paul Hellander    Travel Writer & Photographer
Adelaide, South Australia   25 November 2001

Original Euxton Photographs

Original photographs of Euxton village and village activities for use on this site.  Mail them to us and we will return them after scanning, or email them to us.
Source will be posted were required.

Thanks Al,
I checked out the site and was very pleased.
Yours was the only response I received to my question but there couldn't have been a better one! Since my great-great grandmother Elizabeth Bowling supposedly was born there, I particularly enjoyed the description of the surroundings. Will revisit from time to time in the future. Thanks again!
Kathy  1 Aug 2000

Dear Christian Euxton,
What a blessing to hear the simple Gospel Tunes that you have at thank you so much for the blessings they gave to us all over here.
Best wishes,
Mavis King, Denver, Colorado, CO, USA.

Hi Good Morning.
My name is Richard Knight.
I am the under 11's Assistant manger.
I notice we have a mention on your site and was thinking we could out a link on each others site.
Please let me have your views.
Richard Knight      11 September, 2000

Dear Euxton dot com,
What a wonderful web page one that Euxton can be proud of. I help run the local Scout group at Euxton and we have our own web presence at and would love you to add us to your organisations page. We have Beaver Scouts Cub Scouts and soon a Venture unit plus some great Leaders and parents
Mike Croft  19 September 2000

Hi there ! Good to see a site all about Euxton .
I got quite engrossed with reading some of your features !
I am currently working on a new Website and will definitely add a link to your site if that's OK with you ?
Regards , Cliff Brown .
3 January 2001

Lovely to see Euxton on the web. I grew up there in the 70s and 80s and haven't been back for a long time now. I was wondering, though, why Primrose Hill CP School isn't on your 'Schools' list? Surely it still exists...?
Yours faithfully,
Catherine Bailey  24 February 2001

Very nice site, congratulations.
I manage the Croston web site at   and think it would be mutually beneficial to put links to each others sites.
What do you think?
Steve Williams  11 March, 2001

Dear Euxton dot Com
Dear Euxton dot Com, You appear not to have an English flag on your site, why not? I have enclosed a St George flag for you, one that you may like to place some where appropriate. Best wishes, George Bristlton. 23 April 2001 (St George's day)You appear not to have an English flag on your site, why not?
I have enclosed a St George flag for you, one that you may like to place some where appropriate.
Best wishes,
George Bristlton. 23 April 2001 (St George's day)

Dear Euxton Village,
I was wondering if there is a historical or genealogy society active in Euxton, England as I am researching my family history and would like more information.
I am an American who descends from a William Exton born January 8, 1800 in Euxton, England and who died in Trenton New Jersey on August 22, 1851. He married a Mary Turner who was probably born in Leyden Holland. William's mother was a Betty Platt, but I do not know his father's name. It might have been Adam or William or another name.
Also, just wanted to let you know that my grandfather had the first name Exton and I also have a nephew who has the first name Exton. Thank you very much. If you can put me in touch with someone who can help me, I would be grateful.
You have my permission to forward this to anyone who you think could help me.
Mary Harrell-Sesniak Telephone: 011-941-931-6279   23 April, 2001

Dear Euxton Village,
Thank you so much for your reply. I think a query page on your Website would be a wonderful idea and you have my permission to use my query if you set one up!
Also, as you have probably gathered, the Internet is a unique gathering place for distant cousins! You might consider adding several things of interest such as census information, tombstone inscriptions, baptismal/church records, old pictures or paintings of the area.
I would like to add that you have obviously put a lot of thought into your webpage and it presents itself well.
Sincerely and thank you again,
Mary Harrell  28 April 2001

Dear Euxton,
I am currently researching my family history. I have managed, without too much difficulty, to get back to about 1900. One of my ancestors, Henry Swarbrick, lived at 'Armathriding Hall' Euxton.
However the 1881 census indicates there were Swarbricks living as farmers on Armetriding Lane. Does anyone have any recollection of this family? Are these locations still in existence? I would be most interested to see if the 'farm' is the same as the one featured on this Website! If it is, my mother would probably be very interested in visiting.   She currently lives in Garstang.
I look forward to your reply.
Tony Houlihan  6 June, 2001

The above are a few of the messages received at
Email addresses are removed unless folk are requesting follow up contact:  
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The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.

The Modified Shield of the Ancient Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England. Euxton dot com (TM) an ancient village.

The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.The Village of Euxton, Lancashire, England.
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